Jeremy Fahringer

projects and history | technologist, linguist, artist, solver


process: about the artist

Jeremy graduated from Swarthmore College in 2006 with degrees in art and linguistics. The process of creation, rather than just the finished product, is an essential part of his artistic mission. His painting process involves the regular addition and subtraction of layers through applying paint and sanding it away. This meditative process relies on an interplay between the materials and prayer, gradually refining the image and its meanings. The final result is a piece which conveys the story of a journey from basic elements to a complex whole.

Renewal commission in 2013

for installation at Renewal Church, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Chiasm Jeremy Fahringer (2013), Ink and acrylic on aluminum and wood, 32.5 x 32.5 inches

Vine Jeremy Fahringer (2013), Ink and acrylic on aluminum, 108 x 32.5 inches

Exposure Jeremy Fahringer (2013), Ink and acrylic on aluminum, 108 x 15 inches

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